Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway is a service that automates payment transactions between the customer and the merchant. It is usually a third-party service that processes, verifies and accepts or rejects credit card, debit card and net banking transaction on behalf of the merchant through a secure Internet connection. We call it a platform to collect payments also. Payment gateway is like cash counter. Whenever we use our payment card for payment anywhere, we want it to be safe to transact. So you have to think about how safe these payments are, we need to know how this payment gateway works and protects our transactions. Payments are software applicable for secure data transmission by gateway service providers.

Function as interface

This merchants operate as an interface between machines and payment providers banks. For example, when we swipe our payment card in the machine, this acquisition sends full data to the bank. This bank provides service to the trader. The Payment Gateway mainly encrypts the data to pass data securely on a different platform. In other words, these are basically backing up software components such as securing the purpose of securing secure cardholder data safely.

How to display integration

Today mobile payments around the world are being adopted in many different ways. The largest revenue generating segment is the online payment volume of the advanced payments industry. Making an Android app for your business is an ideal strategic decision to catch online payment markets. But before creating a mobile app, one has to understand how the payment gateway integration has been executed in Android. To display the integration, you must first set up the payment gateway. PayPal is one of the widely used payment gateways today. It has created a message center for its customers. Message Center will give PayPal the ability to communicate with you within a new mailbox structure within your PayPal account. It is an online payment service that allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically. One can use PayPal for sending or receiving payments for online auctions at eBay and other websites. Buy or sell goods or services.

Benefit of single payment

Single payment is an ideal payment process to execute. With the same payment, one can get instant payment from a customer, PayPal account or payment card (scanned with a card). For a single payment, your app can accept PayPal and credit card payments. After downloading and installing a single payment to execute, PayPal SDK will help by providing the original app and UI will collect payment information from the UI Payment Coordination with PayPal Provides proof of payment on our app and your code with PayPal Provides proof of payment on our app. Later on,PayPal SDK Sends payment proof to your server for verification Provides users with their goods or services. The above steps mentioned are to make you aware about the payment of single payment gateway integration in Android and iOS. PayPal single payment via credit card and PayPal account. If you are looking at multiple payments, youwill need to customize the code using PayPal SDK.