Blackberry App Development

Blackberry has a good name in the field of mobile devices and other relevant accessories of mobiles all over the world. More and more people are eager to know whether BlackBerry will fit in their mobile product strategy. That the main reason of creating blackberry app.

BlackBerry devices are not very famous among the media, but they may give a tough competition to its competitors in coming times. Presently, the I Phones and Androids overshadow the technology headlines, BlackBerry phones have managed to make a place for itself in large corporations and have recently expanded their reach to many consumers. RIM (Research in motion) has worked very hard to enable developers to create compelling applications for their phones, and you will be amazed to know that these devices can do almost more rather than other competitors

The BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE) is a combination of SDK, IDE, and a set of simulators. Though it has been a very difficult system for everyone in the past but now it offers the advantage of a single download that contains everything we need to develop and debug on the simulator and the device. It’s a nice aspect of developers that they have mostly turned to their own preferred IDEs, such as Net Beans.

Most BlackBerry applications are written in Java so one can use any Java editor to write our application code. The BlackBerry landscape has changed a lot when RIM announced a custom plug-in for Eclipse that combined the features of their custom JDE with the ease-of-use of Eclipse.

BlackBerry also supports web applications. An expert of web apps and Java will be in a great position to write BlackBerry Widgets. Inspite of this, the price of BlackBerry development has dropped in recent years. One just has to pay around 14000 rs to submit 10 apps of his/hers.

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